Vancouver seventh-best place in Canada to be a woman; Victoria takes top spot

July 16, 2015

By Business in Vancouver |

Vancouver ranks seventh in Canada in a list of the best places for women to live, according to a July 15 Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The list is based on a study that compared leadership, health, personal security, education and economic security in 25 Canadian cities.

Women in Vancouver score highly in terms of health, educational attainment, leadership roles and having a relatively small wage gap in full-time jobs.

Vancouver women have the country’s longest life expectancy, with women living 86 years on average compared with 81 for men. Sixty four per cent of women rate their health as very good or excellent (61% for men).

Women in this city are more likely than men to hold university degrees (27% compared with 26% for men). They are also more likely than men to have completed high school or college.

Five out of every 11 elected positions in the City of Vancouver are held by women.

The wage gap between men and women in Vancouver is close to the national average of 70% and is well behind Gatineau, Quebec, where women earn 87 cents on the male dollar.

Vancouver’s wage gap narrows significantly for full-time workers. When only examining those in full-time positions, women earn 83% of what men earn.

Victoria tops the list overall, according to the study, thanks to factors such as a relatively small wage gap and a high percentage of female politicians.

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