Vancouver mayor wants to help bring refugees to city

September 8, 2015

By Shelby Thom, CKNW

What can Vancouver do about the humanitarian crisis plaguing Europe, as refugees flood their borders, escaping war-torn Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East?

It’s a question that will be explored tonight at Vancouver City Hall as Mayor Gregor Robertson, alongside, immigrant and refugee service providers, host a public forum on the refugee crisis.

Mayor Robertson is hoping to put some pressure on the federal party leaders to act immediately,

“What’s going on the federal front here, and frankly the lack of support we’ve seen and we hope to get a lot of advocacy going to push on the federal and their parties to make sure Canada brings the number of refugees that we accept up, for years to come.”

An email to Vision supporters today says, “some issues are truly beyond politics.”

In the same breathe; the city is calling on the federal government to create a new national baseline target of at least 20,000 government-assisted refugees to be accepted into the country annually by 2020.

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