Too many employers going through motions with diversity: report

February 17, 2021

By HR Reporter |

Employers are not doing enough to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their workforce, with 76 per cent having no diversity or inclusion goals at all, according to a new report.

Forty per cent regard diversity and inclusion as a risk mitigation and compliance issue and yet have no comprehensive DEI strategy. Also, only 12 per cent of employers recognize senior leaders for achieving inclusion and diversity goals.

Only 11 per cent of recruiters are evaluated based on sourcing from underrepresented groups.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is a hotly discussed topic and clearly essential to business success. However, there are no clear guidelines on how to effect lasting, meaningful change,” says Josh Bersin, global industry analyst. “The entire domain is highly complex, and many companies turn to legacy tactics of unconscious bias training, diverse recruiting and other directives that can backfire and even contribute to more division than unity. It’s time for CEOs and CHROs to define their businesses in diverse, fair and inclusive ways.”

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