These are Mediacorp Canada’s top diversity employers in 2021

March 6, 2021

By Globe and Mail

Diversity is more than making sure everyone feels welcome in the workplace. It’s also about a seat at the table.

Canada’s Best Diversity Employers 2021, selected by Mediacorp Canada Inc., recognize that real change begins with real action. That means taking proactive steps to address the systemic and unconscious inequities of race and gender that exist in Canadian organizations.

In this time marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter and Truth and Reconciliation for Indigenous peoples, there is fresh impetus for companies to make a difference – and an increased awareness of past injustice.

The winners of this specialty competition have been recognized for their ongoing efforts with a wide array of progressive inclusion initiatives, from unconscious bias training to diversity targets to support for mental health. What’s key is having a formalized plan and strategy for unlocking opportunities and making true diversity and inclusion a reality. That includes a deep dive into determining where the inequalities lie, a willingness to act from the top down and a shift to meaningful representation at every level.

Take a look at the City of Vancouver which adopted an extensive, long-term strategy to address systemic issues that impact women’s full inclusion, with goals and actions that focus on increasing female representation within the city’s senior management and underrepresented occupations. Transparency matters as well, with the city recently publishing its first annual workforce pay and gender report.

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