The more people see immigrants on TV, the more welcoming they become, study finds

September 22, 2020

By Salt Wire |

The more people see immigrants on television, the more likely they are to welcome immigrants, finds a new study .

According to the study, those who watched these television series such as Superstore, Ramy, One Day at a Time, Madam Secretary and Orange is the New Black felt more inclined to take positive action in their communities.

This includes speaking to a friend about immigration issues, writing immigration-related social media posts, attending immigration rallies and going to immigration-related community events.

It makes sense. Many of these series included storylines inspired by real-life politics, with Superstore having an undocumented character taken away by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after being hidden by his co-workers, and Orange is the New Black having an entire season set in an immigration detention centre.

And people are watching. The report found that the more often Americans watch shows featuring immigrant characters, the more they agree that the U.S. should welcome more immigrants, and often adapt a more inclusive attitude toward immigrants in general. It’s likely these statistics could extrapolate to Canada, where the same series have found popularity and prevalence.

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