Taking action against racial discrimination

November 17, 2020

By HR Reporter |

A lot has been said about how ingrained racism is in most aspects of society, particularly in the recent area of heightened activism and certain incidents that have put racism in a spotlight. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the disadvantages of racialized people are showing up in areas such as unemployment rates in Canada’s largest city.

The pandemic has hit many industries hard, resulting in numerous job losses. The higher employment for racialized individuals could be for multiple reasons — such as the nature of the jobs that have higher proportions of racialized workers, but that raises the questions of why those jobs have more racialized workers.

The spectre of systemic racism and discrimination is a big problem in society in general, which means it is also often reflected in the workplace. Employers must be vigilant against employment-related discrimination and racism. If they’re not, they may face a hit to their public reputation, employer brand, and their finances from damages for human rights violations.

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