Surrey asked to revive disbanded diversity advisory committee

July 17, 2020

By Vancouver Sun |

Pauline Greaves, who ran for mayor in 2018, would like to see the diversity advisory committee revived, in light of the current focus on anti-racism. She was a member of the committee, which was merged with a parks and recreation committee early last year.

As the anti-racism movement gained momentum globally following the death of George Floyd in the U.S., Pauline Greaves felt like her city wasn’t doing enough to address inequity and discrimination.

That’s why Greaves — a Surrey resident and formal mayoral candidate — decided to pen an open letter to Mayor Doug McCallum, asking for the city’s diversity advisory committee to be revived.

“I got really annoyed when there was no statement that was put out by the mayor or council in how they are dealing with and acknowledging that there are no mechanism at city hall to address inequality and race, which is a big problem,” said Greaves. “The silence is the part for me that has been really discouraging.”

Surrey’s diversity advisory committee, of which Greaves was a member for two years, was disbanded after the 2018 municipal election.

She said the point of the advisory committee was to address inequities that exist within the system, and a new one would do the same. It would advise council and the recently announced police board, and review policies and regulations to make sure they promote equity and are free from racism, discrimination and intolerance. The committee would also be comprised of people from as many backgrounds as possible.

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