SUCCESS offers counselling, will hold forum over anti-immigrant sentiment

November 27, 2016

By Tara Carman, Vancouver Sun |

The immigrant services group SUCCESS is offering counselling to newcomers distressed about what it says is an increase in anti-immigrant sentiment in Metro Vancouver.

The statement comes after racist flyers were dropped through the mail slots of some Steveston homes last week. The flyers were directed against the Chinese and encouraged recipients to “join the alt-right” and “save Richmond.”

“SUCCESS, its allies and partners further denounce these statements, and are deeply concerned about a growing anti-immigrant sentiment throughout British Columbia, partly fed by racist commentary around the rising cost of housing in Vancouver, and now surfacing in Richmond through hateful propaganda,” CEO Queenie Choo said in a news release.

The group will hold a forum in the new year aimed at addressing anti-immigrant sentiment and facilitating dialogue between newcomers and longtime Metro residents, the news release said.
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