Struck by the pandemic, B.C. tech companies keep hiring

August 21, 2020

By BC Business

Many businesses are still recruiting despite an industry-wide plunge in revenue

The B.C. technology industry hasn’t escaped the ravages of COVID-19, but it’s faring better than many other sectors of the provincial economy. As local tech businesses large and small contend with falling revenue and trim costs to improve their odds of surviving the pandemic, dozens of them are still in hiring mode.

“Even in the COVID environment, B.C.’s tech companies continue to create many more jobs each year than we have the talent to fill,” says Jill Tipping, president and CEO of the BC Tech Association. “It’s a real challenge for our tech companies and one of the reasons why BC Tech puts such a focus on reskilling programs to help people pivot into careers in tech. Many of these new employment opportunities come from the companies included in our 2020 Ecosystem Map.”

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