Seeking a better life, Syrian refugees find success living in Saskatoon

December 23, 2020

By Global News |

It’s been five years since Syrian refugees first arrived in Canada. Over 1,000 Syrian refugees have moved to Saskatoon since then.

Assaf Alhamade lived in Syria and then Lebanon for five years. He remembers how special it was when he found out he could move to Canada in 2017.

“When they phoned me I was very, very surprised and happy. Everything would be different,” Alhamade said.

There was a lot for him, his wife and two daughters to learn.

The culture was completely different, but for Alhamade he was at least able to find work. Before moving to Canada, he paved stone. Shortly after moving to Saskatoon, he started working at Saskatoon Paving Stone.

“Many things are different here, but stone is still stone,” Alhamade said.

With hard work and community support, the Alhamades have been able to establish a life in Saskatoon.

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