Scotiabank donates $700,000 to Women’s College Hospital for the establishment of a Compassionate Fund for the Crossroads Refugee Health Clinic and in support of the Women’s Virtual Program

March 4, 2021


Scotiabank has donated $700,000 to Women’s College Hospital Foundation (WCHF) to support two revolutionary initiatives that drive equitable and accessible healthcare for Canadians.

Scotiabank’s donation will contribute to the Women’s Virtual Program, Women’s College Hospital’s and Canada’s first virtual hospital that launched in November 2019. Scotiabank’s donation will be used to accelerate care capabilities and programs including virtual care services and virtual and video visits.

In addition, Scotiabank’s donation will help to create the Crossroads Compassionate Fund, within the Crossroads Clinic. Founded in 2011 at Women’s College Hospital, Crossroads continues to be Toronto’s first and only hospital-based health clinic exclusively serving the complex needs of refugees that have recently arrived in Canada.

The Crossroads Compassionate Fund will assist underserved patients and provide support for expenses that are not covered by government or that are necessary in accessing extra services such as childcare or transportation.

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