Vancouver Singapore Club

Agency: Vancouver Singapore Club

Program Description:

  • promotes opportunities for members to meet socially and organize cultural and recreational activities
  • serves as an informal source of information and advises on doing business, working and living in Vancouver to members and newly-arrived Singaporeans
  • organizes informal meetings and exchange of views with eminent Singaporeans visiting Vancouver on subjects of general interest
  • promotes the general welfare and interests of the members and the Club as determined by the Executive Committee in a manner which is consistent with the objectives stated above


Client Profile / Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for general membership must be 18 years and above, visiting or residing in Canada, including Canadians, Singaporeans or any nationality with an interest in the Singapore culture and values

Registration Information

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Membership Fee: Call contact number below

Contact Information

Contact: Michael

Phone: (604) 942-6966

Fax: (604) 942-2647


Website: Visit


1476 Lansdowne Drive

Coquitlam, BC V3E 2S8