Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society (TCCS)

Agency: Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society (TCCS)

Program Description:

TCCS provides newcomers with various settlement services that help them enjoy a smooth transition in Canada.

TCCS plays an important role in introducing Taiwanese culture to the Canadian public through multicultural events and activities, such as Taiwanese Lunar New Year in Taiwan Exhibition, Taiwanese Folk Art Tent at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and other multicultural activities. Regular activities include English reading classes, Golden Age Centre activities, art exhibition, readers’ circle, finance seminar, ballroom dancing classes, folk dance classes, table tennis club activities, tai chi classes, walking club activities, and karaoke club activities etc.

Client Profile / Eligibility Criteria

Open to all residents

Registration Information

Call contact number or mail application form to the office

Start Dates / Duration

Weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm

Membership Fee: $40 per family per year

Contact Information

Contact: Danny Chen

Phone: (604) 267-0901

Fax: (604) 267-0903

Email: van-office@tccs.ca

Website: Visit


8853 Selkirk Street

Vancouver, BC V6P 4J6