Philippine Women Centre of BC

Agency: Philippine Women Centre of BC

Program Description:

The Philippine Women Centre of BC (PWC of BC) works to address the issues of Filipino women and their families from a comprehensive and community-based perspective. The PWC of BC aims to empower Filipino women to understand the roots of the barriers they face as migrants, immigrants, women of colour, and low-income earners, and to collectively assert their struggle for their rights and welfare towards the attainment of equality, peace and development. The PWC of BC has developed a service program dedicated to the genuine empowerment and social justice of Filipino women, including

  • services, Information and Referrals
  • volunteer Program
  • community Economic Development (CED)/Resource Development Program
  • youth Program
  • empowerment, capacity-building and skills training


Client Profile / Eligibility Criteria

Women of Philippine ancestry in BC

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Membership Fee: $20 per year

Contact Information

Contact: May Farralen

Phone: (604) 215-1103

Fax: N/A


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451 Powell Street

Burnaby, BC V6A 1G7