English Language and Culture Programs

Agency: Simon Fraser University

Program Description:

  • participants are exposed to a highly interactive and challenging classroom environment
  • using authentic materials, the programs encourage participants to ask questions and explore Canadian culture, to make sense of how the English language is used


Client Profile / Eligibility Criteria

Basic understanding of English and 18 years or older for full time program

Registration Information

  • visit the office and apply in person
  • print out PDF application form and mail it to the program
  • print out PDF application form and fax it to the program
  • email the office (elc@sfu.ca) and request an email application form
  • submit application by using online registration form


Start Dates / Duration

Ongoing; see full-time programs offerings at http://www.sfu.ca/elc/programs-and-courses/full-time-programs.html

Program Fee: See website for program fees

Contact Information

Contact: N/A

Phone: (778) 782-5126

Fax: (778) 782-7965

Email: elc@sfu.ca

Website: Visit


100 East – 515 West Hastings Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3