LINC for Employment

Agency: Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC)

Program Description:

Learn job search skills, workplace English and Canadian workplace culture to help you reach your employment potential.

LINC for Employment (LFE) also readies clients for competency based assessments necessary for Foreign Qualification Recognition.

LFE is offered in two separate programs at ISSofBC.

LFE 5/6 (offered at CLB 5/6)
LFE 5/6 will teach you workplace English, an understanding of Canadian workplace culture and the skills to build an online ePortfolio to represent yourself to an employer. Guest speakers will also help you learn more about the Canadian work environment and employment standards.

LFE 7/8 (offered at CLB 7/8)
LFE 7/8 follows a more challenging curriculum designed for internationally educated professionals and skilled workers. If you’re interested in pursuing a professional career in Canada, this program will teach you appropriate job search methods and help you create an online ePortfolio to represent your skills to employers. LFE 7/8 also teaches you workplace English and soft skills for a Canadian work environment. You will have the opportunity to conduct research and information interviews in your field of interest.


Client Profile / Eligibility Criteria

LFE classes are available to permanent residents with Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Levels 5 to 8. All students must first be evaluated at a LINC Assessment Centre.

Program Fee: Free

Contact Information

Phone: 604-522-5902


Website: Visit


#280 – 620 Royal Avenue
New Westminster, V3M 1J2