Regina class prepares immigrant women for winter

August 29, 2015

By CBC News |

While many enjoyed the hot weather this weekend, one group of women prepared for the winter.

The Regina Immigrant Women Centre (RIWC) taught newcomers about what they’ll need to survive the cold. The group covered what to wear, how to check the weather forecast and emergency preparedness.

RIWC Home Support Worker, Julia Hardy, ran the class. She explained that winter survival skills are especially important for immigrant women’s physical and mental well-being.

“Often the men are the ones who get out into the community, and who get jobs right away. The women often become isolated,” Hardy said.

She noted things that are common sense to Canadians are foreign concepts to immigrants. Say, for example, the need for snow pants during the colder months.

“[To] make sure they cover themselves with scarves and mitts. If they’re not wearing pants or leggings of some kind, to make sure they get snow pants or leggings because that’s something that frequently women are not familiar with,” she said.

Hardy said women who want more education about Canadian life can sign up for classes through the Regina Immigrant Women Centre in September.

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