Ottawa to make it easier for immigrants who speak French to gain express entry into Canada

June 5, 2017

By National Post |

The federal Immigration Department is changing its express entry system to give more points to would-be newcomers who have siblings already in Canada and for those with strong French-language skills.

The department says the new rules go into effect on Tuesday.

It says the changes are aimed to help support the integration of skilled workers and increase growth, vitality and prosperity of in Francophone minority communities across the country.

Studies show that newcomers with siblings in Canada integrate more quickly, the department says.

Programs managed through the express entry system seek to attract high-skilled foreign workers and former international students who want to live in Canada permanently and whose skills are in high demand by employers.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced the changes today during an event at an immigrant centre in Markham, Ont.

“As the improvements are implemented, I’m pleased that Canada will welcome more skilled immigrants with siblings in Canada who can help them quickly integrate into their new life here and that we’ll continue to see francophone minority communities flourish,” Hussen said in a statement.
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