No biometrics needed for temporary residence applicants in Canada

July 17, 2020

By CIC News |

The biometrics requirement has been temporarily scrapped by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for temporary resident applicants who are already in Canada.

This means that candidates in Canada who wish to apply for, extend or restore their study permits, work permits or visitor visas, may do so without completing the biometrics requirement. This is also true for candidates who wish to apply for a temporary resident permit.

Collecting biometrics consists of taking fingerprints and a photo of all applicants for a visitor visa, a work permit, a study permit, permanent residence, refugee or asylum status, extending their stay in Canada or extending their study or work permit.

This change will go into effect for all new and ongoing applications even if the application form is for applicants outside Canada. This is also true even if the system says that the biometrics fee is required. In this case, the candidate still does not need to pay the fee.

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