More rigorous study needed on ‘systemic racism’ in Canada’s justice system

September 22, 2020

By Vancouver Sun |

Federal Justice Minister David Lametti has been emphasizing to journalists that it’s time to weed out “systemic racism” in the Canadian police and court system.

“It’s part of a larger foundation of colonialism that sadly has played an important part in our history,” Lametti told Postmedia News in the midst of sweeping anger and debate about police violence against Blacks in the United States.

“It’s absolutely shameful that we have the degree of overrepresentation in our criminal justice system — if you are a Black Canadian, if you are an Indigenous Canadian, if you are a racialized Canadian — that we do. The statistics on it are shocking.”

When Postmedia asked the Justice Department in Ottawa which Canadian data Lametti was citing, a communications official pointed to a Statistics Canada study titled The Impact of Mandatory Minimum Penalties on Indigenous, Black and Other Visible Minorities.

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