Making It Work: Where the jobs are in the COVID-19 economy

December 3, 2020

By BC Business |

As demand for labour recovers in B.C., certain skills have bounced back to pre-pandemic popularity

Though much improved since April, when new postings on Internet job board plunged 70 percent compared to last year, hiring is still below pre-COVID levels in Canada.

As of September 4, new job listings (on the site one week or less) were 3 percent below the same period in 2019, Indeed Canada reported, and total active postings were down 22 percent. New postings in B.C. were 6 percent off last year’s pace, with total listings down 24 percent.

Job prospects were actually improved from 2019 in nursing (+9 percent), loading and stocking (+2 percent) and construction (+1 percent), Indeed noted, but still dire in hospitality and tourism (–39 percent), foodservice (–36 percent) and law (–34 percent).

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