Local initiative to bring refugees into tech sector

October 10, 2020

By Kithchener Today |

Tech Beyond Boundaries is a non-profit looking to connect local employers in the tech sector with refugees and help them resettle in Waterloo Region.

Canada itself has committed to bringing in 500 refugees over the course of the next two years.

Kris Braun is a Displace Talent Advisor with Talent Beyond Boundaries, the global version of the same initiative.

“Tech Beyond Boundaries is the local tech focus kind of chapter of that. It’s a way of that we’re saying, let’s play a role in our local tech sector in being part of that larger global mission,” he said.

According to Braun, the country has been bringing in immigrant workers throughout the pandemic to fill vital healthcare roles.

“There are certain places where we’re in more need than ever, of having people choose to make their home in Canada, and contribute to the place where we have shortages of workers.”

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