Integrity of Canada’s immigration system is at stake

August 7, 2020

By The Star |

This migrant worker spoke out about a massive COVID-19 outbreak that killed his bunkmate. Then he was fired, a legal complaint says, July 30

This alleged incident which has been denied and unverified at this point is, in my opinion, being used by migrant worker advocates as an opportunity to generate media attention in an attempt to obtain permanent residency for migrant workers.

It is not about health and safety, it is about immigration.

Migrant workers work extremely hard and provide essential services to farmers and are entitled to living conditions that protect their health and safety not only during this pandemic but at all times as mandated by provincial health and safety laws. It does not follow that this requires they automatically be granted permanent residency. There is a process to be followed to obtain permanent residency, and if migrant workers want that status they should follow that process. We have already seen an explosion in international students using our education system to obtain permanent residency and we do not need the temporary foreign worker program to be used in the same way.

The integrity of our immigration system should be protected.

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