Immigration declined during the pandemic but some still took the leap; here’s one family’s experience

March 19, 2021

By CBC News |

On the day Azadeh Farshadpour and her family arrived at the airport to fly 10,000 kilometres to their new home, nobody came along to wave goodbye.

By the time she left Iran for Saskatoon, Farshadpour hadn’t seen her brother and sister in over a year. As she waited for the plane to take off, all she could think about was the family she was leaving behind.

Farshadpour, her husband, Abolfazl Aminaie, and their two children immigrated to Canada in July 2020.

Not being able to say goodbye to her loved ones at the airport, and not knowing when she would see them again, was one of the hardest aspects for the 38-year-old of leaving her home country.

“It’s something in my heart … when I’m thinking about it, it’s always bothering me,” she said.


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