Humour matters more than ‘good looks’ when online dating, but immigrants struggle with local jokes

September 8, 2020

By Vancouver Sun |

Being humorous requires a lucid linguistic fluency and years of cultural learning.

Online dating platforms have witnessed a surge of users and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown restrictions and physical distancing protocols have changed the way people work and live — but also how they date.

Dating from home may help some singles stay connected, cope with anxiety and meet “summer love” in this isolating time.

As the virus shifts even more people to online dating, perhaps you are wondering what the secret is to standing out?

Before COVID-19, we conducted a research project about people’s experiences of online dating in Vancouver. What we found during our in-depth interviews may help answer that question.

Our study suggests that writing something short but witty on your profile will help you stay in the game. Many of our research participants highly valued a sense of humour in potential partners.

Even if your online profile pictures are conventionally attractive, humour matters. Other research has also shown that dating candidates who show a good sense of humour receive higher ratings of attractiveness and suitability as long-term partners.

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