Five surprising things we’ve learned about migration during the pandemic

December 25, 2020

By Vancouver Sun |

Things that do not fit well together: A novel coronavirus and the free trans-national movement of humans.

Politicians have based the growth of Canada’s economy, more than almost any nation, on the large-scale movement of people. But since the pandemic began this March in-migration levels have plummeted, and so has the once-record number of foreign students.

Canadian jobs and the rental market have been affected. And since the origin and spread of the coronavirus itself is a story of travel, the pandemic threatens the mantra of globalization.

Here are five ways COVID-19 has disrupted the migration narrative for Canada:

COVID-19 made Canada less open

To the chagrin of many politicians and corporations who champion Canada’s openness to migrants and labour from abroad, officials had to severely tighten border checkpoints against those lacking permanent resident status.

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