Family in Calgary may be forced out of Canada because of baby

July 21, 2015

By Falice Chin, CBC News |

A Nigerian couple who came to Calgary as skilled workers may be forced to leave because their baby was born in the U.S. while their immigration documents were being processed.

Dimeji and Deborah Tawose arrived in Calgary with their three children in mid-July under the federal skilled worker program. Both are medical radiographers.

But confusion over the status of their youngest child, who’s still nursing, could mean the whole family will have to leave the country on Wednesday. It could also force the baby to separate from his parents for a few weeks because of visa and passport issues.

“To say it’s hard is an understatement,” said mother Deborah Tawose. “It’s painful. We wouldn’t for any reason have made this move, even if I was an idiot.”

She says the family would not be able to travel with the eight-month-old boy because he carries a different citizenship — the result of what their immigration consultant calls a “total violation” of Canadian values.

“We’ve written, we’ve made representations, we’ve faxed letters, we’ve spoken to those who need to be spoken to, and all we get is ‘get out,'” said immigration consultant Kenny Thompson, who’s trying to appeal the order.

“I’d rather see that we’re sure Canada is a country that can truly stand in its place as a nation that has compassion, that shows compassion, particularly to children.”

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