Employment services help newcomers adapt to what Canadian employers expect

September 16, 2020

By CIC News |

Helping newcomers find employment is a matter of working with both job-seekers and employers, Toronto employment service says.

Though Canada still names immigration as a priority in helping the economy recover from coronavirus, barriers still remain between newcomers and job opportunities.

New immigrants entering the job market may be faced with credential recognition issues. Language or cultural barriers may affect newcomers’ confidence or their ability to communicate with their employers and colleagues. They may also face discrimination.

“Despite the need for new Canadians there are still some employers who have a bit of a bias towards Canadian-born [workers],” said Tim Lang, president and CEO of Toronto’s Youth Employment Services, also known as “YES” for short.

YES is one of several employment centers in Toronto that helps unemployed and underemployed immigrants get jobs in their field. They work with thousands of employers across the city to help them understand the benefits of hiring immigrants.

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