Despite diversity efforts, discrimination still a problem: Survey

November 26, 2020

By HR Reporter |

Despite increased efforts around diversity and inclusion, many working Canadians continue to experience discrimination, according to a recent survey.

Almost one-third (31 per cent) of those who identify as belonging to a visible ethnic minority say they have witnessed or experienced judgment or misconduct at their current workplace based on ethnicity or skin colour. That’s compared to 13 per cent of all workers.

Among those in the minority, 32 per cent believe their ethnicity has negatively impacted their career growth, and 19 per cent say prejudice or lack of diversity and inclusion based on their ethnicity has influenced their decision to leave an employer, finds the survey by ADP Canada.

“These issues may be more widespread in the workplace than many Canadians think,” says Reetu Bajaj, HR advisor at ADP Canada.

Further, workers belonging to a visible ethnic (39 per cent) or religious minority (31 per cent) say they don’t feel comfortable expressing their opinions at work, compared to 25 per cent of working Canadians.

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