COVID-19 cases at height of B.C.’s 3rd wave disproportionately affecting South Asian communities

April 29, 2021

By CBC News |

For the past year, there have been anecdotal reports of COVID-19 disproportionately affecting South Asian communities in British Columbia, but the province hadn’t provided any data to contextualize the situation.

Now the government has given the number of cases on a neighbourhood level for one week at the height of the third wave — and it appears to underline those claims.

“It is consistent with what we have expected and anticipated,” said Dr. Birinder Narang, a physician and member of the South Asian COVID-19 Task Force.

There are eight community health services areas (CHSAs) where at least 25 per cent of people identify as South Asian in the 2016 census. All eight were in the 13 areas the province has scheduled mass AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine clinics due to high transmission.

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