CitizenSpark No. 5: What’s your debate question?

August 3, 2015

By Post Media |

With the first debate of the election planned for Thursday, Aug. 6, we want to know: What question would you ask the party leaders?

With an expected 11-week campaign and five scheduled debates, there will be more chances to question the party leaders this time around than in any previous election in Canadian history. By Oct. 19, Stephen, Thomas, Justin (and maybe Elizabeth) (and possibly Gilles) (but probably not Jean-François) will feel like old friends — and it’d be plain rude not to engage them in conversation. To make the most of that opportunity, we passed the mic around Twitter and over email.

Here are some of the questions you asked, along with the page as it appears in Saturday’s Postmedia papers.

When Canada speaks, it speaks in speech bubbles.
CitizenSparks is a partnership between Samara Canada, Twitter and Postmedia that aims to put citizens at the centre of our election coverage.

Each week, we’ll set a mission, or spark, that celebrates everyday politics. Answer it in words and pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #citizensparks or by emailing

We’ll print a selection of responses in Postmedia’s Saturday papers and share them across Twitter.

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