Changing the Narrative workshop combats Black exclusion in B.C. history

February 17, 2021

By Vancouver Sun |

When Adam Rudder, then 20, first picked up a copy of Crawford Kilian’s Go Do Some Great Thing: The Black Pioneers of British Columbia, the moment was almost surreal.

“It was a mix of being astonished, but also a really deep sense of betrayal,” said Rudder, now a professor of humanities at Vancouver’s Fairleigh Dickinson University. “I was a little angry, having gone through my entire education process, elementary and high school not hearing anything about Black history in the province.”

The silencing of history, he said, felt intentional.

On Friday, Rudder will be participating in a workshop, called Changing the Narrative, aimed at changing that. The two-hour workshop, hosted by the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the National Congress of Black Women Foundation, is aimed at teachers, but open to the public. It will be a chance to have a dialogue, and challenge that history of silence around Black history in B.C.

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