Celebrating diversity isn’t enough: Schools need anti-racist curriculum

July 23, 2020

By The Conversation |

Recent protests about racism and police violence point to the fact that racism has institutional and systemic roots and expressions, reflecting non-inclusive societies.

Whether or not we admit that racism is systemic, we must ask ourselves why it is still a concern in such a multiethnic country as Canada. Isn’t it the role of schools to promote values of equity, living togetherjustice and democracy?

In fact, the prevalence of racism across Canada, including the inadequacy of Canadian responses to demands for Indigenous justice, may be partly attributed to failures of our educational systems that reflect larger policy approaches to managing diversity.


Despite the existence of formal and legal discussions about diversity, our schools have not escaped implicit racist assumptions embedded in cultural debates related to identity and nationalism.

In Québec and other provinces there are efforts to develop policies and plans to integrate immigrant students and support the well-being of all students.

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