City honours immigrant entrepreneurs

January 29, 2015

A wide range of industries were represented Thursday when the city of Ottawa, in partnership with the Economic Club of Canada, handed out the third annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards. Anand Aggarwal of Manor Park Development, Abdul Haseeb Awan of BitAccess, Mona Kalra of Maple Care Physiotherapy and Peyman Yazdani of Subway restaurants are this year’s recipients. The awards were created to honour people born outside of Canada who now make...

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StatsCan revises employment growth downward for 2014

January 28, 2015

Data released today by Statistics Canada showed that Canadian job growth for 2014 was more sluggish than previously thought. On January 9, Statistics Canada had said employment gains for 2014 stood at 186,000, but revisions published January 28 lower that number to 121,000. The discrepancy was enough to push the unemployment rate for 2014 up to 6.7% from 6.6%. “In light of the magnitude of the changes, the Bank of...

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Two-thirds of B.C.’s workforce experienced a horrible boss

January 27, 2015

Today’s workforce has employees from four generations, and according to an employment expert, it’s becoming the biggest challenge for leadership moving forward. Insights West, in partnership with Miles Employment Group and the Vancouver Board of Trade, created the “Dream Employer” poll, which surveyed 3,328 adults from B.C. about their experiences, both positive and negative, in the workforce. They found that 68% of respondents had experienced “a truly terrible” boss, 66%...

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Quebec prepares for Ottawa-inspired immigration reform

January 26, 2015

QUEBEC — Quebec is preparing for a major reform of its immigration policy, with proposed changes partly inspired by Ottawa, says the province’s immigration minister. The time has come for Quebec to re-examine its immigration model, and the way the province chooses, welcomes and integrates foreigners into the job market, said Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil ahead of year-long public consultations on the issue set to begin Wednesday at the Quebec...

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Vietnamese immigrant says ‘Thank You, Merci Canada’ — in a song

January 23, 2015

Four decades later, the Ottawa technology entrepreneur-turned-public servant has recorded a song about his journey and the country he says so warmly adopted him. Its unabashed title: Thank You, Merci Canada. “I’ve been here 40 years and owned a business and wanted to do something, but I never had the ability or courage,” Vu explained this week. “In the end I said ‘I’m a musician, so why not write a...

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Transportation biggest job barrier: report

January 22, 2015

Transportation is the largest barrier for at-risk youth trying to get jobs in B.C., according to a new report from McCreary Centre Society that surveyed 150 youth. Annie Smith, executive director at the society, said on Thursday transportation is a problem for youth both in rural and urban communities. But youth particularly find some rural and remote communities challenging to find work. One youth in the survey, she said, was...

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