Canadians see family reunification as biggest priority in 2020

September 3, 2020

By CIC News |

A new survey finds Canadians are still positive about immigration, but want to see family reunification as a priority over economic-class and refugee-class immigration.

Canadians generally agree that immigration is positive for long-term economic recovery but want to see family members given the priority for immigration.

Coronavirus has slashed immigration numbers, especially in family-class sponsorship and refugee resettlement. Family sponsorship was down 78 per cent in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same period last year. Refugee levels were the hardest hit, down 85 per cent, and economic-class immigration was down 52 per cent.

About 36 per cent of the respondents in a recent survey by the Association of Canadian Studies said that the family members of people already in Canada should be given priority in 2020.  In 2016, that figure was only 30 per cent.

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