Canada’s Best City To Find A Job? Guelph, Ontario, According To BMO

February 8, 2016

By Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post Canada |

If someone you knew needed a job fast, where would you advise them to move? A few years ago you probably would have said Alberta without thinking about it. Today, things aren’t so clear.

But the latest edition of BMO’s regional labour market reports card gives us some idea where to look.

And the best place right now? Guelph, Ontario. The small city about 90 km west of Toronto topped the list for its “robust job growth, population inflows, a puny 4.2 per cent jobless rate and the highest share of the population that is working,” BMO senior economist Robert Kavcic wrote.

Like some other cities in the “rust belt” around Toronto, Guelph has benefited from cheaper energy prices and a lower loonie that is boosting non-energy exports.

But let’s face it: It would have been better if a larger city topped this list. With a population of 121,000 and about 97,000 jobs, Guelph can hardly replace Alberta. So here’s an idea: Try nearby Toronto instead. The city soared 22 spots in the ranking, to 7th from 26th.

Meanwhile, Calgary fell 12 spots in the report card, to 18th place, but Edmonton is hanging in there, still a top-10 city to find work in Canada, at 6th place.

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