Canada program prepares skilled immigrants for work in British Columbia

June 18, 2017

By Inquirer |

This Canadian province has a new tool to help fill some of the 934,000 job openings expected through 2025.

The Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia (IEC-BC) has expanded FASTBC.ORG to prepare skilled immigrants for work in Canada and connect employers with internationally trained workers.

Initially designed to facilitate access to three skilled trades in British Columbia, FAST has evolved into a comprehensive set of services and resources for immigrant workers in 35 skilled trades, 16 occupations in IT and Data Services and 17 occupations in biotechnology and life sciences.

FAST gives skilled immigrants a head start in the Canadian labor market before actually moving to Canada.

Along with information about the Canadian workplace, the online program provides immigrants with a comprehensive assessment of their competencies, including recommendations to improve their knowledge when needed in specific areas, as well as alternative careers where their skills are in demand.

The results of the FAST assessment also present employers with a trusted snapshot of the abilities the prospective candidate brings to the table

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