Canada easing income requirements for family-class immigration

October 10, 2020

By CIC News |

Canada is easing income requirements on family-class immigration applicants to allow people to sponsor their loved ones, even if they lost income due to coronavirus.

The new temporary public policy means that Canadians who are sponsoring their foreign national family members do not have to make 30 per cent more than the minimum income requirement for their region in 2020. Sponsors will also be able to count regular Employment Insurance benefits in their income calculations for this year, as opposed to just special EI benefits.

These changes do not apply to Quebec sponsors, as the province has its own family sponsorship program.

Sponsors must still meet the minimum necessary income, and all other application requirements pertaining to other relevant taxation years. This means that in every other relevant year, they need to meet the additional 30 per cent income requirement, and they can only have special Employment Insurance benefits contribute to that total.

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