Benefits of Multiculturalism

Immigrants are a source of diverse knowledge and experience. They can increase innovation, creativity and prosperity in our city. New residents also enrich the cultural fabric of Burnaby by introducing new foods, music, traditions, beliefs and interests.

Innovation and Creativity

  • At least 35 per cent of Canada Research Chairs are foreign-born, even though immigrants make up only 20 per cent of the Canadian population.
  • Immigrants to Canada win proportionally more prestigious literary and performing arts awards.
  • Foreign direct investment into Canada is greater from countries that are well represented in Canada through immigration.
  • Immigration rates improve trade between Canada and immigrants’ countries of origin.
  • Why Immigration is Critical to Canada’s Prosperity: Report

Community Flavour and Flair

Business Development and Economic Growth

  • Skilled immigrants are a key source of information for Canadian companies in the new global economy.
  • Immigrants can open doors to investment opportunities overseas and help attract foreign investment in Canada.
  • Newcomers bring new education and work experience and an understanding of a global business context.
  • Future of Work – Confronting B.C.’s Labour Shortage Challenge (see page 7)

The Benefits of Hiring Immigrants