BC Provincial Nominee Program Tech Pilot

September 4, 2017

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The B.C. technology sector is a major driver of economic growth in the province, with tech employment at its highest level ever recorded. The demand for talent in B.C.’s tech sector is increasing faster than the supply.

The priorities for the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology include establishing B.C. as a preferred location for new and emerging technologies, increasing the growth of domestic B.C. tech companies, and removing barriers to attracting skilled workers.

In support of these ministry priorities, a pilot under the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) works to ensure the technology sector can attract and retain the talent it needs to be sustained and to grow the sector further.

Why a BC PNP Tech Pilot?
A BC PNP Tech Pilot supports the attraction of skilled workers and to satisfy the demand for tech talent by expanding the province’s technology talent pool.

We want to develop and attract the highest quality local talent by introducing students to tech earlier, adjusting training and education in post-secondary institutions and creating work experience opportunities.

Not only do companies need access to local talent – beyond using the skills and talent of B.C. workers, companies need to be able to attract skilled workers from around the world. Tech entrepreneurs and skilled workers from other leading edge countries can have a catalytic effect on B.C.’s technology sector, leading to more jobs for British Columbians.

What does the BC PNP Tech Pilot look like?
BC PNP staff work with employers to address their talent needs by providing a fast-track, permanent immigration pathway for in-demand foreign workers and international students.

The BC PNP Tech Pilot features:

  • A dedicated concierge service so tech employers understand the immigration process with timely and relevant information about the application process
  • Weekly invitations for tech registrants to apply so employers have timely access to qualified individuals in the 32 key technology occupations
  • Priority processing to meet the sector’s fast-paced demands so if you are working in the technology sector and you submit a complete application to the BC PNP, your file will be assigned the next business day to our dedicated technology sector-focused team
  • Focused outreach and engagement with the technology sector and industry partners with tailored presentations, networking opportunities and one-on-one employer support

Weekly invitations
The BC PNP issues weekly invitations to qualified registrants who have valid job offers in the 32 key technology occupations.

The 2016 TechTalent BC Report identifies the 32 in-demand occupations, and qualified individuals in only those 32 occupations will be invited to apply on a weekly basis. These occupations are identified by their National Occupational Classification (NOC) code.

The complete list of the 32 in-demand occupations can be downloaded from our website here (PDF, < 1MB). Applications may be impacted if the applicant’s job duties do not accurately reflect the NOC they have identified in their application.

The free registration process includes providing information about the applicant’s supporting B.C. employer. In order to be issued an invitation to apply, both the applicant and their employer must meet all program requirements at the time of registration.

Meeting program requirements does not guarantee that the applicant will be invited to apply.

Engagement and outreach
The Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology will continue to proactively support technology employers and industry stakeholders. BC PNP staff are available to deliver presentations, exhibit at immigration or newcomers trade shows, speak at conferences and events, and provide individualized services to employers.

If you are an employer in B.C.’s technology sector and have more questions, please contact the BC PNP concierge: PNPTechEmployers@gov.bc.ca

If you are an applicant and have general questions about the BC PNP, please visit our contact us page.
The BC PNP cannot give immigration advice or guidance, or provide applicants with detailed, case-specific support.

These BC PNP Tech Pilot services are in addition to the benefits that are available to all users of our program, such as:

  • pathways that don’t require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • work permit support letters for approved individuals that allow them to obtain or renew their current work permit and continue to work throughout the permanent residency process with the federal government
  • client support services through email, phone and in-person

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