Atlantic Canada community, business leaders share ‘real appetite’ for regional nominee program, immigration

September 3, 2020

By Chronicle Herald |

Community and business leaders in Atlantic Canada stressed the importance of immigration in the region’s economic recovery and shared a “real appetite” for a municipal nominee program during a roundtable discussion on Monday.

Speaking with Canada’s Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, chambers of commerce, settlement organizations and municipalities shared their thoughts on immigration and how Canada should position itself going forward.

“Each and every one of them has seen the positive impact that immigration has delivered to their communities in the short term throughout the pandemic,” Mendicino told The Chronicle Herald.

“But they also have a vision that immigration will continue to be an accelerator of our economic recovery, creating more jobs, as well as long-term prosperity, and reflect the great diversity of who we are as Canadians.”

During the discussion, the participants spoke of “building on the successes” of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, which was introduced in 2017, as a joint federal-provincial initiative that is focused on economic development in the Atlantic Canada region.

They also discussed expanding on regional immigration, according to Medicino, with a push for a regional nominee program that will focus on “a more even distribution of immigration” throughout Atlantic Canada, as opposed to drawing immigrants to major urban centres.

“What I heard is, I think, a real appetite to continue to see this new pilot project come to fruition,” he said, noting the federal government is looking to work closely with provinces in order to implement the regional nominee program.

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