Advice for newcomers looking to start a business: Where do you begin?

August 12, 2021

By Canadian Immigrant Magazine |

Despite opening just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, Apostolos Dedas’ business SKICOSMOS has been thriving.

“We’re really happy,” says Dedas, who immigrated to Vancouver from Greece five years ago. “Even though we started our business when COVID appeared, we’re doing well, and we see a lot of people and skiers benefitting from what we do.”

SKICOSMOS, which Dedas founded in 2019 with his wife, Gianna, offers virtual ski simulator technology allowing skiers and snowboarders to train regardless of the conditions outside.

And while things have taken off, Dedas says, “Preparing everything for the new business wasn’t very straightforward.”

Catherine Wilding hears Dedas’ sentiments. Wilding is the manager of the Entrepreneurship Connections program at ACCES Employment, which helps newcomers who plan to start a business in Canada. The program provides individual coaching, which includes creating a business plan, access to legal consultation and the support of an established mentor.

“For newcomers coming to Canada, there’s a lot of information about how to get a job. But for newcomers coming to Canada to find information on entrepreneurship, it’s a little harder,” she says.

If you’re a newcomer who is looking to start a business, here are some of Dedas’ and Wilding’s top tips to help you navigate the Canadian entrepreneurship world.

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