A nimble, resourceful immigrant — just what Canada needs

November 1, 2020

By Telegram |

Imagine travelling halfway around the world to start a new life only to be unable to find any work in the field for which you’re trained.

That’s the predicament — not uncommon for immigrants — that faced Shivani Dhamija, a communications specialist, after she and her husband arrived here in Canada from India in 2012.

So what did Shivani do?

With a mix of resourcefulness, ingenuity, drive and perseverance, she remade herself, becoming a successful businesswoman in Nova Scotia. Last week, she was named the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Network Entrepreneur of the Year (an honour given during the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia’s Small Business Week).

It wasn’t easy.

Shivani’s first jobs were scooping french fries and washing dishes. Eventually, she started hosting Indian cooking classes, where she realized there was a, pardon the pun, healthy appetite for “really good spice blends” in Halifax.