A Filipina caregiver’s success story in Canada

November 19, 2020

By Inquirer |

I have been very fortunate to meet many special people at various stages in my life: people that I admire; men and women whose vision and personal beliefs jive with mine; friends with whom I can be comfortable and in whose presence I can let my guard down. They can be a high school classmate, a colleague, or someone from my old and current profession.

Rhea Villavicencio is one of them. Rhea is a former live-in caregiver and one of my best friends. Maybe more like a sister than friend. I met her in 2012, when she started interning in the non-profit office where I was employed as media specialist.  She was studying towards a diploma in Community Support Work in Social Service. We have worked together ever since, volunteered together, and helped each other get through hurdles both at home and in the workplace.

I had never seen an intern as hardworking or as talented all-around as Rhea Villavicencio. When she started something, she would not leave it unfinished. After her internship was over, Rhea was hired fulltime as an admin assistant, but her tasks didn’t end there.

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