“A Classic Immigrant Story,” a Free Guidebook for New Immigrants to Canada, Released Today

September 10, 2015

By Web Wire

Immigrating to a new country can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Zuly Matallana has been through this process and today released a booklet designed to help newcomers to Canada find their footing in their new home. Entitled “A Classic Immigrant Story,” the free booklet offers valuable tips and advice about settling in Canada.

In the booklet Ms. Matallana shares a snapshot of what her life was like in her native Colombia in the two years before she and her husband decided to leave for Canada. After securing permanent resident status in Canada through the Skilled Professionals program, the couple sold all of their belongings and relocated to Toronto, arriving in November, 2004.

In “A Classic Immigrant Story,” Ms. Matallana provides advice about how to find a place to live, secure employment, learn English, and adapt to a vastly different climate. She includes links to websites and organizations that can help with everything from networking to banking, health care, getting a driver’s license and health card, and finding a school. The booklet closes with some quick facts about Canada and its culture.

Said Ms. Matallana: “Our experiences with the cold weather, overspending when we first arrived, and signing with a job agency that charged us a fee even without finding us work, taught us so much about how to get settled in Canada. We wanted to share what we learned with others so they can avoid the mistakes we made and have a smooth, happy transition to life in this great country.”

“A Classic Immigrant Story” is available at no charge online at http://mokalabs.com/canada-immigration-information-booklet/.

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