25 investigators working on refugee pepper spraying incident in Vancouver

January 11, 2016

By Yuliya Talmazan, Global News |

Vancouver Police Major Crime Section is continuing their investigation into Friday night’s pepper spraying of more than a dozen Syrian refugees, with 25 investigators currently working on the case.

The attack happened outside the Muslim Association of Canada Centre during a “welcome night” event for newly-arrived Syrian refugees. A crowd of men, women and children had gathered outside the centre when a man wearing a white hoodie apparently rode by on a bicycle and sprayed about 15 people, including some young children.

A number of people were treated on scene, but there was no word of any serious injuries.

Police are looking for a man vaguely described as having a slim build and wearing a white or grey hooded sweatshirt. He was riding a bike with a “rat trap” style rack on the back.

“The sooner we can find this man, talk to him and find out what his motive was, the sooner we can alleviate a lot of fears that this was something bigger than a misguided incident,” says Vancouver Police spokesperson Randy Fincham.

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