Past BIPT Projects

The BIPT has led many initiatives to raise awareness of the issues faced by immigrants and refugees since its inception in 2007. It has also helped Burnaby residents welcome and include newcomers. The following list of resources, tools and reports are some of the results of this work.

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>> 100+ Ways to Welcome: Ideas for Residents

The BIPT Project Team connected with newcomers and longer-term residents through focus groups and print and online surveys. “Ways to Welcome” were collected from 200+ individuals, which resulted in our list of 102 tips – actions that almost anyone can take to welcome newcomers.

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>> The Burnaby Storytelling Project

The Burnaby Storytelling Project was one component of a public-awareness campaign, undertaken by the BIPT, to inform and educate Burnaby citizens about the value that immigrants and refugees bring to our community. The Storytelling Project involved training a team of 22 storytellers to share their newcomer experiences at community events in Burnaby. This group of storytellers, by sharing their personal experiences in compelling and inspiring ways, humanize the issues faced by immigrants and refugees in the city.   

>> Looking In – Reaching Out

Looking In – Reaching Out was a collaborative project aimed at opening up dialogue and establishing Burnaby as a welcoming and inclusive community for new immigrants. A series of three broad-based, community forums brought together long-time residents, newcomers, businesses, First Nations, government representatives, service providers and others to share their expertise and experiences.

One goal of the talks was to produce a forward-thinking report, as well as visual and narrative profiles of individuals contributing to our cultural diversity. These publications were distributed to BIPT members and community stakeholders.

To read the Looking In Reaching Out: Community Talks Report, click here.

>> Burnaby Resident Survey

Welcoming and inclusive societies are created when community members have opportunities to learn and grow together. A great deal of research and work has been done to obtain an understanding of the barriers and challenges faced by newcomers in the integration process. But less research has been conducted to understand how a community perceives the negative and positive impacts of multiculturalism, diversity and social cohesion, and on the individual’s role in the development of welcoming communities. With that in mind, the Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table surveyed the residents of Burnaby to learn about perceptions and opinions on immigration and diversity. This work has provided valuable information that assists the BIPT membership and other community service providers in developing new programs and services.

To read the final report, click here.

>> BIPT Settlement Workers’ Networking Event

This annual event brings Burnaby Settlement workers together to learn about changes in settlement and employment services that have occurred over the past year. The event also gives settlement workers the opportunity to learn about new programs and services, meet and network with other colleagues and discuss best and promising practices.

To view photos from the 2013 BIPT Settlement Workers’ Networking event, click here.

To view photos from the November 2012 BIPT Settlement Workers’ Networking event, click here.

To view photos from the May 2012 BIPT Settlement Workers’ Networking event, click here.

>> Anti-Racism Mural

The BIPT held community workshops to bring together people of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. The ideas that came out of the workshops were then used to create an anti-racism mural, which now adorns a wall at the Marlborough Community School in Burnaby. The mural was funded by EmbraceBC.

To view photos of the mural unveiling, celebration and BBQ, click here.

>> Burnaby Workplace Ambassadors

During the Burnaby Workplace Ambassadors Program, 35 Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs), new to Burnaby, received focused training and supporting resources on communication and networking. Once training was complete, the ambassadors were introduced to a professional within their field and a 45-minute meeting was set up. These professionals then referred participants to colleagues and contacts. The 35 ITP ambassadors engaged with more than 240 employers in discussions about immigrant workforce integration by the end of the project. Many of these employers reviewed and discussed their own recruiting and hiring practices and shared the experience with their colleagues.

To view photos from the Burnaby Workplace Ambassadors Project, click here.

>> Burnaby Workplace Ambassadors Profiles

The Burnaby Workplace Ambassadors Profiles were developed to promote the best and promising practices learned from the Burnaby Workplace Ambassadors Project. They include participant testimonials on the barriers and challenges faced by newcomers, job seekers and employers, best and promising employer practices, and success stories and testimonials related to immigrant workforce integration and employer engagement. The profiles are organized into six key occupational sectors in Burnaby and are supported by information on current local labour market information and workplace inclusion initiatives.

Burnaby’s Clean Technology Sector Profile

Burnaby’s Construction Sector Profile

Burnaby’s Education Sector Profile

Burnaby’s Financial Services Sector Profile

Burnaby’s IT Sector Profile

Burnaby’s Life Sciences Sector Profile

>> Breaking Down the Barriers

Breaking Down the Barriers was a campaign to educate employers, businesses and the wider Burnaby community about the value of integrating new immigrants in the workplace.

The BIPT led Employment Forums in 2010 and 2011 and workplace tours and produced an Employment Forum Survey to connect immigrants to local businesses. To read and view additional Breaking Down the Barriers resources, click the below links.

>> Forums

To view photos from the BIPT’s 2011 Employment Forum, click here.

To view photos from the BIPT’s 2010 Employment Forum, click here.

>> Workplace Tours

To view photos from the IT Tour, click here.

To view photos from the Health Care Tour, click here.

To view photos from the Engineering Tour, click here.

To view photos from the Finance and Accounting Tour, click here.

To view photos from the Green Technology Tour, click here.

>> Survey

To read the BIPT Employment Forum Survey, click here.

>> BIPT Inter-Faith Dialogues

The Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table has organized and facilitated several inter-faith dialogues. The Strengthening Inter-Faith Bridges dialogues built on the very successful Sharing Experiences & Building Bridges project undertaken in 2010/2011. These dialogues aim to increase awareness and understanding among diverse faith groups, strengthen participation in faith communities, increase partnerships between faith groups and develop a plan to facilitate ongoing collaboration between faith groups.

To view photos of the BIPT’s inter-faith dialogues, click the below links.

Inter-Faith Dialogue – March 2013

Inter-Faith Dialogue – February 2013

Inter-Faith Dialogue – November 2012

>> Inter-Faith Newsletters

The BIPT created newsletters to provide information about efforts to facilitate inter-faith dialogues in Burnaby. Links to newsletters can be found below.

Strengthening the Inter-Faith Bridges in Burnaby – June 2013

Strengthening the Inter-Faith Bridges in Burnaby – April 2013

Strengthening the Inter-Faith Bridges in Burnaby – December 2012/January 2013

Strengthening the Inter-Faith Bridges in Burnaby – November 2012

>> Embracing Diversity: Sharing Our Songs and Rhymes

The Embracing Diversity project features video performances of children’s songs and rhymes in 15 languages, plus resources to support the use of these materials. These are offered to inspire sharing across cultures, help families and community workers promote cross-cultural understanding, and improve our ability to create welcoming, inclusive communities. We invite you to learn, share songs and rhymes and explore the cultural diversity of Burnaby and New Westminster’s communities.

To find out more about the Embracing Diversity project, click here.