BIPT Strategic Plan

After much research and consultation with community leaders, service providers and newcomers, we have developed the Immigrant Settlement and Integration Strategic Plan for Burnaby.  The Plan offers strategies and approaches that will guide and support the efforts of residents and organizations in integrating Burnaby’s newcomers.

The plan is divided into four priorities:

  1. Access to Information and Services
  2. Employment
  3. Intercultural Connections and
  4. Cultural Representation and Civic Engagement

For the next year, we are going to focus on creating an action plan to implement the Plan, with a specific focus on Employment and Intercultural Connections.

Take a look at the Strategic Plan.

>>2016 BIPT Community Forum – October 2016

On October 13, 2016,  BIPT hosted a community forum to actively engage and involve the stakeholder community in the implementation of the Burnaby Settlement and Integration Strategic Plan. This forum was attended by 91 representatives from 39 community organizations. Attendees reviewed the 4 strategic priorities and participated in small group discussions resulting in recommendations which will be considered  by BIPT members and working groups in the implementation of the annual action plan. This information is also available to the stakeholder community to inform and enhance existing programs and services.

Summary Report – 2016 BIPT Community Forum

To view photos from the Community Forum click here.

>> Consultations with Community Leaders – November 2015

Mayor Corrigan and Council are kept up to date on the work of the BIPT through regular reports provided by City staff who are members of the Table – Chief Librarian, Edel Toner Rogala and Social Planner, Rebekah Mahaffey. The BIPT Co-Chairs and Project Coordinator also meet with the Mayor annually to provide an update and discuss current newcomer integration issues and approaches.

As a part of the strategic planning process, in November 2015, the BIPT hosted a consultation with Burnaby leaders including Mayor and Council and senior level representatives from health, transit, education, policing, libraries, business, faith, etc. Leaders were presented findings from all the BIPT research and community consultations conducted and were asked to provide their input on priorities and actions for consideration in development of the strategic plan.

Immigrant and Refugee Settlement and Integration Planning, Burnaby Leaders’ Consultation Summary Report

>> Issue Based Research – October 2015

BIPT research and consultations identified workplace attachment and immigrant volunteerism as issues requiring further exploration and research. A review of all immigrant focused employment services and a scan of related promising practices informed the development of two surveys – one for Burnaby employers and the other for job seeking newcomers in Burnaby. The input and data collected in these two surveys have been analyzed and summarized into the reports below. The scan of promising practices can also be found here.

Approaches to Recruiting, Hiring and Volunteering for Recent Immigrants in Burnaby

Accessibility and Coordination of Immigrant Focused Employment Services in Burnaby

Web Scan of Promising Practices Connecting Immigrants with Employers

>>Burnaby Immigration Quick Look – February 2015

This two page snapshot of cultural diversity in Burnaby provides a quick look at the most important facts of  immigration to Burnaby including information and data on immigrant country of origin, age, education and employment.

Burnaby Equals Diversity – A Snapshot of Immigration to Burnaby

>> Immigrant and Refugee Focus Groups – January 2015

Seven focus groups with Burnaby immigrants were conducted between December 2014 and January 2015. Approximately 84 immigrants, 59 women and 25 men, participated in the focus groups. Participants originated from 25 countries, the majority of them are working age adults and have lived in Canada somewhere between 2 months and 20+ years; the majority have been here less than 10 years.

The report below summarizes the comments and ideas shared at the focus groups. This input as well as input collected at the Community Service Provider Event were used to develop the Fact Sheet – How Inclusive is Burnaby? The fact sheet provides a snapshot of the perspectives of both groups on the welcoming and inclusive nature of Burnaby.

BIPT Focus Group Summary January 2015

Fact Sheet – How Inclusive is Burnaby?

>>Community Service Provider Consultation - October 2014

In October of 2014, over 90 Burnaby service providers from 38 agencies gathered to provide input to current immigrant and refugee integration barriers and issues and what needs to be done to make Burnaby a better place for newcomers.

Prior to the event an online survey examining the dimensions of a welcoming and inclusive community was completed by registrants. The information collected in the survey was used to guide discussions at the consultation.

This report provides a summary the pre-event survey as well as a summary of the input obtained at the consultation. This information will be used by the BIPT to inform the development of it Settlement Strategic Plan for Burnaby.

Summary of Community Service Provider Consultation