BIPT Current Work

BIPT works to facilitate integration and settlement of immigrants and refugees to foster a welcoming and inclusive community in Burnaby. BIPT is currently working to implement the three year BIPT strategic plan.

Burnaby’s Settlement and Integration Strategic Plan has identified the following four strategic priorities. The  experiences shared in this video reflect the four priorities identified to help make Burnaby a more inclusive and welcoming City.

  • Access to Information and Services
  • Employment
  • Intercultural Connections
  • Cultural Representation and Civic Engagement

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Goal: Burnaby settlement and integration information and services are understood and accessible.


  • Support Burnaby service providers meet the service level demands of immigrant and refugees in the community.
  • Increase community understanding and coordination of settlement and integration services and programs.
  • Enhance the welcoming nature of community agencies and institutions.

Community Forum (October 2017)

To engage and involve the stakeholder community in the implementation of the Strategic Plan, BIPT hosted a Community Forum which brought together 91 members from 39 community service providers, employment services, employers and some residents.

Goal: Burnaby immigrants have access to services and supports that enhance attainment of commensurate employment.


  • Coordinate and promote immigrant and refugee employment services and programs.
  • Increase volunteer opportunities and identify innovative approaches to acquire Canadian work experience and an understanding of workplace culture.

Mentoring Program (January 2017)

  • Survey of service providers offering mentoring programs in Metro Vancouver.
  • Determined key challenges that impact mentoring programs and identified potential solutions that will help service providers to overcome challenges.
  • Sent to thirteen prominent service providers offering mentoring programs in Metro Vancouver.

Smart Networking (March 2017)

  • An introductory practical skills training and networking event for internationally trained professionals (ITPs) from the IT and Engineering sectors.
  • Provided opportunities to learn about the Canadian job market, networking skills and connect and network with potential employers.
  • Attended by 22 ITPs and 7 employers.

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Research (March 2017)

BIPT has researched and developed a series of six key occupational sector profiles in Burnaby. The series includes information on the following six sectors: Clean Technology, Construction, Education, Financial Services, Information technology and Manufacturing.

Goal: Burnaby residents embrace cultural diversity and are engaged in building cross cultural understanding and relationships.


  • Increase awareness of the necessity of immigration and the contributions immigrants and refugees make socially and economically as well as the settlement barriers they face.
  • Support and promote more events and activities that engage individuals from all backgrounds.

2017 BIPT Community Forum  (October 2017)

The theme for this year’s forum was inspired by the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Final Report and Calls to Action, which lay out reconciliation responsibilities for all Canadian citizens and institutions, including newcomers. Many newcomers to Canada and Burnaby arrive with an incomplete awareness of the history and current realities of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, including the many similarities of experience. This lack of awareness is also true of many long-term residents. As such, this forum aimed to create an opportunity to learn from our shared history and take concrete steps to build an
exceptionally inclusive and welcoming city.

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Connections through Art (January – February 2017)

Burnaby through the Eyes of Immigrants and Refugees: A Photo workshop and exhibition facilitated by two artists who brought together a group of new Canadians to build visions of Burnaby and develop connections through art.

The photo exhibitions were hosted by Burnaby Family Life, the Burnaby Public Library and also supported by the Burnaby Art Gallery.

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Stories from Burnaby (March 2017)

To celebrate and embrace the cultural diversity in Burnaby and to engage residents in building cross cultural understanding and relationships nine Burnaby residents shared their stories with fellow Burnaby residents. This event was held in partnership with the Burnaby Public Library and the Edmonds Community School at the Tommy Douglas Library.

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Culturegrams (March 2017)

A community art project that celebrates the city’s diversity and creates an opportunity for cultural sharing and understanding.

Culturegram cards ask the question: “What does culture mean to you?” The back side of the card is blank, leaving space for participants to answer – through drawing, painting, collage or the written
word. 12,500 Culturegram cards will be distributed.

All the collected cards will form a vibrant display the public can view and interact with at the City of Burnaby’s Canada Day concert and fireworks celebration, which takes place at Swangard Stadium

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Goal: Burnaby immigrants are civically engaged and play a role in the growth and development of their neighbourhoods.


  • Increase the understanding and engagement of Burnaby immigrants in civic activities.
  • Increase opportunities for immigrants and refugees to participate in committees, boards, advisories, etc.