BIPT Current Work

BIPT works to facilitate integration and settlement of immigrants and refugees to foster a welcoming and inclusive community in Burnaby. BIPT is currently working to implement the three year BIPT strategic plan.

Burnaby’s Settlement and Integration Strategic Plan has identified the following four strategic priorities. The  experiences shared in this video reflect the four priorities identified to help make Burnaby a more inclusive and welcoming City.

  • Employment
  • Access to Information and Services
  • Intercultural Connections
  • Cultural Representation and Civic Engagement

The Action Plan for 2016-2017 will focus on the two key strategic priorities of Employment and Intercultural Connections 


Employment: Burnaby immigrants have access to services and support that enhance attainment of commensurate employment.

Intercultural Connections: Burnaby residents embrace cultural diversity and are engaged in building cross cultural understanding and relationships

Immigrants and the Labour Market in Burnaby

In keeping with its strategic priorities of Employment and Intercultural Connections, the BIPT has researched and developed a series of six key occupational sector profiles in Burnaby. The series is accompanied by a demographic overview of Immigrants and the Labour Market in Burnaby. The series includes information on the following six sectors:

  1. Clean Technology
  2. Construction
  3. Education
  4. Financial Services
  5. Information Technology
  6. Manufacturing

Each profile includes a description of the sector, notable sector employers in Burnaby, key occupations within the sector, current and forecasted labour market / employment data including employment prospects for immigrants, and related links and resources to assist job seekers and support the work of employment service providers.

Research and development of the profiles was conducted with funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.